A poet of space heroism and loneliness in the face of the Universe.

He is also a radio operator and a clerk. A teenager, sparkling with contradictory self -reflections of his age. He is a poet due to his broken heart. It happened so that the destiny appointed Rosa to be the object of his dreams, that makes his fate even more difficult. He is often dull, gloomy or irritable, sometimes he is sarcastic and acid -tongued, on other days he can fall into euphoria without any reason. Knowing about his tense inner life, friends do not pay any attention to mood changes, and in the worst cases, try, if possible, to bring the poet back to reality using common sense and curative tea. Wally is provocatively non -sporting. He has a panic fear of height, as strong as to showing heroism and knighthood and from time to time tries to accomplish a great feat. A part of them go successfully.