“A woman aboard”.

As a rule she doesn’t bother herself with any socially useful functions, but at the same time she is absolutely sure that she is the basis for everything. Most often she isn’t very nice or shy, sometimes up to offhandedness, but she is forgiven for everything because on the one hand she is still a child, and on the other hand she is the only “beauty’s genius pure and clear” in the whole neighborhood. She understands it and fairly plays her role, shows off, has moods and teases, as beauty’s genius should do.

She willingly has in mind all the girlish stuff like knighthood, prettyism, fashion industry, sweets and whims, but prank boyhood gets the upper hand and then she can even teach Krash a thing or two in questionable adventures or sports contests. Rosa is very honest and never has hidden motives. If she believes in her perfection, she does it unconditionally. If she decides to be nice, she will be nice until she is tired of it. And she’ll never pretend that she is interested or joyful if she is sleepy. So, it’s difficult for Wally, who is in love with her, to hold the unsteady attention of his daffy muse.