A special purpose space agent (in his opinion).

Irrepressible ‘perpetuum mobile’, the cause for different scale catastrophes (actually). The driver for most of Kikoriki’s events. Desperate naturalist. He aspires to try everything at first hand. He can always find what to do. He is rarely bored but it’s hard for him. Light -minded but lucky. He often gets in bind but lets things slide — partly thanks to fantastic good luck, partly with the help of his friends. He is curious, although not a deep thinker. He is more interested about the practical side of the matter than about the essence. His goal is always somewhere ahead of him. It is usually great and beautiful. So he doesn’t pay much attention to the inconveniences for himself or people around him. He isn’t sentimental, he thinks of himself as of a mature guy, although his projects are often naïve and awkward. He is always ready to lead the people as he never has any doubts about the selected goal, nor about the need to reach it.