Special purpose agent’s assistant (in Krash’s opinion).

Junior research associate on the Umflier. He never makes any decisions in temper — Krash does it for him. Chiko has nothing to do but soften the consequences of such decisions. Due to this fact, he is a diplomat, a peace -maker. He is very health -conscious. He worries a lot about his health, more often without any reason as he is very neat and tidy, he always washes things clean and chews carefully. He is a collector (cacti, sweetie papers etc.) He is shy, easily gets embarrassed. He can suffer for a long time from a small thing, nobody has even noticed. Sometimes he can speak and act very ardently and decisively, as a rule in extreme situations. He always accompanies Krash, evidently getting a necessary adrenalin charge from this communication like from an amusement ride.