Pincode - Primo TV


Pincode - Primo TV


A senior researcher on the Umflier. A scientist interested in a large number of sciences at the same time...

Pincode - Primo TV


A special purpose space agent (in his opinion). Irrepressible ‘perpetuum mobile’, the cause for...

Pincode - Primo TV


Special purpose agent’s assistant (in Krash’s opinion). Junior research associate on the Umflier....

Pincode - Primo TV


“A woman aboard”. As a rule she doesn’t bother herself with any socially useful functions...

Pincode - Primo TV


A poet of space heroism and loneliness in the face of the Universe. He is also a radio operator and a clerk...


When Speed inters the elite Racing Academy, he shifts gears for a series of futuristic adventures that unite the classic fun of the original Speed Racer and the oit-of-this-world excitement of virtual racing.

Heart-pounding action follows at every turn as Speed Racer uncovers the secret of his identity. Not only is the legendary Speed Racer his father, but also his top competition, X, is his brother!