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Pincode - Primo TV


A senior researcher on the Umflier. A scientist interested in a large number of sciences at the same time...

Pincode - Primo TV


A special purpose space agent (in his opinion). Irrepressible ‘perpetuum mobile’, the cause for...

Pincode - Primo TV


Special purpose agent’s assistant (in Krash’s opinion). Junior research associate on the Umflier....

Pincode - Primo TV


“A woman aboard”. As a rule she doesn’t bother herself with any socially useful functions...

Pincode - Primo TV


A poet of space heroism and loneliness in the face of the Universe. He is also a radio operator and a clerk...


PINCODE is the рopular science series of films for younger and preteen schoolchildren (6–14 years old) where awareness -raising and educational components have a bright entertaining form. Kikoriki PINCODE are a little different from Kikoriki in the series having the same name: here they feel more grown up, mature for hazardous explorations, and, consequently, adventures and journeys.

The characters are shown as super -heroes parody whose traits, in their opinion, are quite necessary for those adventures. In the PIN -code series Kikoriki are headed by Pin — a genious inventor and an engineer. They explore the world around and its laws. In their search for knowledge Kikoriki travel around the Universe on an unique flight vehicle — the Umflier, that can not only move in time and space (including under the water and under the ground) but also change its size: it can become as small as a molecule, an atom or even a quark.