Matt Hatter Chronicles

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Matt Hatter Chronicles is an adventure-comedy series about Matt, a schoolboy whose life is changed forever when he discovers a secret dimension known as the Multiverse inside his family home, London’s Notting Hill Coronet Movie Theatre.

For decades, villains from movies screened at the cinema have been escaping into the Multiverse. As the new Hatter Hero, it’s now up to Matt, with the help of friends Roxie and Gomez, to battle and recapture all the Super Villains, save the Multiverse and free his Grandpa!

Focusing on adventure, discovery, imagination and comedy, Matt Hatter delivers aspirational heroes, fearsome Super Villains, super-cool gadgetry, compelling drama and smart digital content. This pulse-pounding action-adventure series also introduces a unique animation technique called ‘Multivision’ (3D without glasses) which provides a visual treat in every episode to give ‘Hatter Fans’ an immersive viewing experience without the need to wear 3D glasses.