The Adventures of the Young Marco Polo



After a failed experiment, DR. NO, an evil scientist obsessed with the domination of the world, and a nice and smart 9 year old boy called CHIP, are sent by the beam of a particle accelerator to the atomic world (Microworld). Dr. No will attempt to fulfil his evil plans of conquest from Microworld. To this end, using his great genius, he will build an army of antimatter atoms transmuting them in anti atoms and a huge machine called the Black Tower.

But for the machine works it needs a lens that has fallen into the hands of Chip by chance. To get the lens, Dr. No will create a command of antimatter that will haunt our hero throughout the Microworld. Chip will be helped by his inseparable friends MERC (mercury atom), FER (iron) and HIDRO (hydrogen) to defeat the plans of Dr. No and at the same time get back home. This permanent persecution, the support of the atoms of microworld, the intervention of antimatter troops and the crazy megalomaniac Dr. No, will let us live a permanent adventure in every episode of cunning, intelligence and friendliness of the protagonists. At the end, the antimatter troops, commanded by General Natit (antiatom of titanium), realizing about the true intentions of the evil Doctor, will help Chip to achieve his purpose.