Javi Luna - Primo TV
Javi Luna - Primo TV

Javi, portrayed by Javi Luna is the newest roommate who just moved from Spain to experience new adventures in the US. He’s both a guitarist and pianist, but more importantly, a natural romantic, so he can’t help but fall in love with each girl. He has a kind heart, but he doesn’t always know the right thing to say or do.

Javi Luna

At 21 years old, Javi Luna is a musician and model from Spain. As a social influencer with 1 million followers, Javi received worldwide popularity for his performance as “Felipe” in the Argentinian Disney Channel show “Violetta.” His latest projects involve working with Giselle Torres in various YouTube sketches and music videos. He is close with his friends and family, who remain in Spain while he works in other countries.

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