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Lola - Primo TV


The confident, exuberant "girl next door" who is as passionate about savoring cupcakes as she is about winning at videogames...

Manetti- Primo TV


The bully in Angelo's class; his fists are faster than his brain. Once you've won him over he can be a loyal ally. But hurry up...


Angelo Rules is an animated comedy about an 11-year old boy with a genius for troublemaking. Angelo literally gives the audience the low-down on how to get what they want, do what they want, become what they want. But since Angelo’s only 11 and he’s a real kid, the main weapons in his arsenal are his clever plans, irreverent attitude, charmingly rebellious nature, boldness, optimistic stubbornness, and charisma. Those traits, along with his two best friends, smarty-pants Sherwood and omni-tasker Lola are usually a winning combo.