Alisa Salazar

Thrill-seeker. Fun-loving. Live wire. Can’t sit still for more than a minute.

Alisa is on a never-ending search for the next rush, the next blast of adrenaline. She’s always looking to have a little fun, and maybe cause a little trouble... However, when confronted with an example of the injustice of the world, she always finds an off-the-wall way to solve the problem. She is ready to risk her life to save others’.

She is a leader, the driving force behind all hijinks and shenani- gans. She is a charismatic activist. Her friends are always afraid to follow her, but when everything turns out okay in the end, they pounce on her: “What did you get us into?!” She just simply replies, “Look, everything turned out fine.” They even- tually agree that the adventure had been scary, but fun at the same time. Her parents are always away on business, so she’s lived at home alone from a very young age with only her domestic robot to keep her company. Her bedroom is a complete disaster area. She won’t let her domestic robot, Poly-R, touch any of her things. This upsets him, and he’s constantly nagging her about it.