Episode 1

Boredom Blues

Brains is bored. Fred helps her find something new to do, and she falls in love with tennis! While she’s away, Fred opens a box of what he thinks are toys, but are actually a real army of small alien ships, which fly around attacking the lab. Brains combats them in a tennis racquet battle to the finish.

Episode 2

Puppy Love

Friday finds a stray puppy, but its Fred and Brains who fall in love with it, paying more attention to the pooch than to him. When he starts to suspect the puppy of being more evil than he seems, they don’t believe him. Indeed, the puppy turns out to be a brilliant alien mastermind, intent on global domination.

Episode 3

Unready to Rumble

Wally K’s bullying moves Fred to challenge him to a fight, secretly confident that Friday can become special fighting gloves for him. When Friday loses his memory though, Fred tries to cancel the fight, but can’t. Luckily, an attack by the cute aliens, the Cuddlemuffins take Wally down, and Fred gets the credit.

Episode 4


When Fred’s parents leave him home alone, he tries to throw the coolest party in history—until Principal Darling checks up on him. Friday replicates Fred’s mom, and Mombot puts the Principal at ease, before short-circuiting, and making the party extremely uncool.

Episode 5

Agent Alpha One

The Super Commander orders Brains to host a special member of the Protectors, Agent Alpha One—a dashing agent Brains admires—who turns out to be both a phony, a problem, and…and actor?

‘Lucky Fred' follows the comic adventures of Fred, an ordinary 13-year-old boy who accidentally became the owner of a super-powered, shape-shifting robot who can turn into any object Fred can dream of with a simple voice command. The robot’s real name is Anihilator 9-0-9-0-9-0-niner, but he answers to the name Fred gave him — “Friday”. Before he veered off course, Friday was sent to the Earth intended for Fred’s new next-door neighbour Braianna, a weird girl from his class whose actual identity is Agent Brains — a highly skilled member of a secret, intergalactic security force called ‘the Protectors’. Brains are the Protector assigned to the Earth, and routinely gets called to save the Earth before an alien attack becomes public knowledge.