GGO Football

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Episode 1

The Mysterious Player

As we enter the 21st century, artificial intelligence is being used more widely than ever. AI footballers, the size of one’s palm, developed into the widely popular game ‘GGO Football’.

In Shanghai, 13 year-old Isaac and his classmates, Karl and Timmy, are big fans of the GGO game. Isaac is, in fact, a very talented controller, but he has only ever played with his father, Dr. Coleman, one of the creators of GGO.

One day while at his father’s good friend Uncle Ball’s seafood stall, Isaac finds Myth, a new GGO footballer. It turns out that Myth is much better than the average GGO footballer…

Episode 2


Isaac and his classmates are fascinated by Myth’s skills. Karl keeps trying to convince Isaac to participate in the GGO Shanghai regional stages, Isaac is not interested and rejects the idea.

Isaac goes to Uncle Ball’s seafood stall again, and finds an email from his father about a big conspiracy. Why would Coleman ask Uncle Ball to look for a strong GGO controller?

Isaac is frustrated that his father does not trust him and decides to prove himself by his skill. He forms a team with his classmates and signs up for the GGO Shanghai qualifying stages. His first opposing team is…

Episode 3

Battle in the Arena

Isaac and his team are in the 32nd zone – they are officially pitted against Shawn’s GGO team. Isaac’s team do not like Shawn very much – with the exception of their female classmate, Cat, who thinks Shawn is her idol.

The match starts. Myth’s amazing attacking abilities are blocked time and time again by the opposing goalie, Shadow. The first half ends in a draw. In the second half, Shawn’s team score, and thus they are the ones who stay standing in the tournament.

Everyone is disheartened. Isaac stands up and announces that he wants a rematch with Shawn the next day. What will Shawn say? And does Isaac have any chance of winning?

Episode 4

Re-Match with Shawn!

Isaac makes Myth train long and hard, perfecting his shot into the top left corner of the goal. This is the shot that Isaac thinks will allow them to win Shawn. But for what reason do Karl and Isaac have a big fight?

The next day, Isaac and his team meet Shawn for the rematch. Karl arrives at the very last minute, saying he’ll trust Isaac one last time. The match begins. Isaac instructs his team to pass the ball to Myth so that he can score into the top left corner – and they must do this in the first half, they have to score first. With this in mind, the GGO footballers fight hard for the ball and although they keep attacking, Shadow still manages to block all the shots. Unfortunately, Isaac’s team let Nucleus slip through their defences. He scores and this leaves Isaac’s team facing a very difficult rest of the match.

Episode 5

The Secret of the Upper Left Corner

The match continues. The sun finally comes out from behind the thick clouds. Isaac knows that this is their chance and orders Myth to take his chances and get the ball into the top left corner of the net! Shawn’s goalkeeper Shadow’s flying save just misses, Myth scores!

When Isaac explains to everyone about his knowledge of the GGO footballers’ structures and their qualities, what kind of chance is he waiting for?

The second half starts. Both sides start attacking strongly, but neither score. As full time comes to an end, the score is still nil-nil – it means this match has to be settled by penalty kicks. Isaac and Shawn make an important decision…

As we enter the 21st century, the relationship between sports and technology is getting closer and closer. Sports products are enhanced by technological advances. The designs of footballs and football shoes require detailed information and computer tests in order to produce products that will allow us to reach the full potential and beyond. If we were only reliant on human testing, the standards would definitely fluctuate greatly. Thus, Professor GGO was brought in as consultant in the research, and as a result GGO robotic footballers were created.


13 years old, in his first year of secondary school. He is the only child of GGO Chief Designer Dr. Coleman. He lost his mother when he was very young, and grew up with his father and aunt. He inherited a love and talent for engineering and biology from his father, and he is a superb GGO controller. Like his dad, he likes wearing slippers, and when he is disgruntled will kick off – and away – his footwear.

In GGO matches, he is plays a decidedly offensive game. He is a little arrogant, often underestimates his rivals, and very determined to win. When his team are scored against, or if they are being challenged hard, it is easy to see that he is quite anxious as he twirls a pen incessantly. When he comes across very strong opponents, he will often use strange and very creative ways to overcome the odds and because the opposition can never guess what he is up to, Isaac is able to emerge victorious.


14 years old, half Italian half German, in 8th grade at an international school in Shanghai. He’s a good-looking boy, comes from a family steeped in the arts. His father is a literary giant and his mother a maestro conductor. Influenced by his parents, he has very high expectations of his lifestyle. He is calm and down to earth, doesn’t often express what he really feels, and sometimes comes across wrongly as a proud, arrogant person. After meeting Isaac and his friends, however, he’s opened up a little bit.

In GGO matches, he is a strong, steady defender. He has control of a strong defence line that rarely lets anything in as well as a very competent midfield. He is completely confident in his defence. At every match, he always has a bottle of iced water nearby to help him think calmly – how much iced water depends on how good he thinks his opponents are.


13 years old, , in first year at secondary school. He is a childhood friend of Isaac’s and is a chubby little boy who is honest, responsible, and easily content. He has his principles, works methodically, and does not like people who try to walk before they learn to crawl. Timmy loves hotdogs, and always carries ketchup, mustard and relish with him. He does not have much ambition, he just wants to go to university, but after entering the GGO competition and with Isaac’s influence, he is beginning to think about what his life goals are.

In GGO matches, he is a responsible and hardworking holding midfielder. He is not particularly talented and is a little insecure, but his hard work makes up for it. Because he is used to failure, he doesn’t let it depress him, and in fact, he is always looking for lessons to be learnt in everything.


13 years old, , in first year at secondary school, he is also Isaac’s childhood friend. He loves to take risks, has a gambler’s personality, but never wagers money, only luck. He always has a lucky coin on him – when he can’t decide on something, he will take out the coin and the issue will be settled by heads or tails. Karl is a little short, and in order to make himself stand out, his hairstyle and clothes are always quite loud. He is very quick-minded, open to change and working out new strategies. He is always keeps his word and is a loyal friend.

In GGO matches, Karl is a wing – the perfect position for an opportunist.


14 years old, , in first year at secondary school – she is a classmate of Isaac and his friends. She is a typical girl who likes to dress up and look pretty. She takes baking classes from Aunt Betty, Isaac’s aunt, and at the same time she also absorbs Betty’s quick-temper.

She didn’t have much interest in GGO, but she proclaims herself the manager of their GGO team and even buys a brand new GGO footballer. She works hard to learn more about GGO.


17 years old, leader of The Name of Devils team, English nobility. Tyrant is disdainful of school – instead he receives personal tutorage in his castle. Never seen without his shades, he has a cold half-smile that can chill one’s heart and he never lets anyone know what he is thinking. Tyrant has a mean, sinister personality – he will do anything to win and never lets up against his opponents. He strongly believes that everything in the world can be bought.

In GGO matches, Tyrant is an all-round controller, his defence and offence are equally strong – he is a general whose tactical warfare always wins. In terms of his GGO controlling skills, he is the best, better than both Isaac and Shawn. In order to beat him, Isaac and Shawn must work together well or else they will definitely lose. The four guys who work under him to form the team were all bought for a high price. None of them have names, only numbers that Tyrant gave to them when they joined his team.

Dr. Stan

40 years old, a human biologist. He works with Dr. Coleman and Professor GGO in creating the GGO footballers. His dream is a hope to improve human life with the help of microchips. ‘Football can change your life’ is his first project.

Agent kA

Around 30 years old, he is a mysterious figure who often appears at GGO matches. Actually, he is one of Dr. Stan’s Shanghai subordinates. When watching GGO matches, he constantly looks for the top GGO footballers and controllers. He often wears a cold arrogant smile whilst smoking his pipe.


13 years old, the controller of Team Sky-wheels. Nicholas is an introvert who is constantly developing new well-planned tricks. Along with his sister, Carmen, he runs a noodle shop that was left behind by their late parents. In order to keep the shop open, Nicholas and his sister take part in the Shanghai qualifiers, hoping to win the cash prize which they can then inject into the shop. After losing his GGO match, Agent kA recruits Nicholas to help Dr. Stan spot talented GGO footballers from all over the world.

Dr. Coleman

38 years old, , father of Isaac. Dr. Coleman is an extremely talented electronics engineer who does not care the least about his appearance – he wears slippers to his high-tech workplace. He has a lively personality, loves to joke and play and is 200% focused on his work.

Seven years ago, he began to work at Professor GGO’s research centre, working on a project on new technology for footballs and football boots. Later he began working with the professor on developing and improving GGO footballers, a job which required him to travel frequently. As a result, he was unable to spend much time with Isaac anymore, and gradually, father and son began to drift apart.

After discovering the conspiracy that GGO football has got caught up in, Dr. Coleman is captured by a financial conglomerate. To counter this, he sends a newly developed GGO footballer to Uncle Ball.

Mr. Glanz

60 years old, butler, responsible for looking after Shawn’s needs. Although he has a rather cold outer-shell, he is actually very warm-hearted. Always in an impeccable suit, Mr. Glanz is extremely polite and every once in a while, he will make suggestions to Shawn.

Aunt Betty

30 years old, Coleman’s younger sister, Isaac’s aunt. Still single, this is one of her biggest regrets in life and marriage is one of her topmost desires. She owns a bakery store that makes all types – Chinese, English, Italian, French – of bread, and is happiest when she’s making new discoveries about different types of bread. She is a kind woman with a full range of emotions – virtuosity and gentleness and yet she has a very quick-temper and can be downright rude. From morning to night, she makes Isaac test out her new breads, resulting in his bread phobia…

Uncle Ball

40 years old, a retired referee who owns a stall in the market. He used to have quite a harsh personality – direct and unyielding – making quite a few enemies. As a result, several football clubs joined together to ask the International Referee Association to stop using him. He then went to help Dr. Coleman with his research work, hence developing quite a close relationship with him. Afterwards, Uncle Ball went to coach a football team – unfortunately the only teams that would hire him were small insignificant teams and the footballers had neither passion nor skill. Uncle Ball grew disheartened and decided to retire from the football community entirely.

He opened a seafood stall called “Ball’s Fish” in the marketplace near Isaac’s home. Since Isaac is pretty good at repairing things, in return for helping him fix the easily damaged stall equipment, Uncle Ball – who, of course, has many years of experience on the pitch – teaches Isaac some of the more important football concepts, such as how to see into the mindset of the opponents.