Episode 1

Grand Theft Audio

Written by Jeff Schechter When Freefonix catches wind that a special violin is going to be stolen from the Los Bosmos museum by Mantis, they set out to stop them, only to be mistaken as the thieves themselves. Now on the run, they have to protect the rightful heir to the instrument…a young girl who has yet to embrace her destiny as a guardian of the 13th note.

Episode 2

Love Stinks

Written by Baz Hawkins Mya uses a love potion and the dubious charms and talents of a wannabe singer named “King Boy” to break up Freefonix and bring BB under her control.

Episode 3

Grand Theft Audio

Written by Jeff Schechter When Mo’s parents go away for the weekend on vacation, they leave Mo in charge of the house. Disaster ensues when Mantis winds up winning the house in a freewave sound battle, and now Freez and BB must help Mo win back his house by Freez battling Mantis again; this time with the “O” at stake.

Episode 4

Grand Theft Audio

Written by Baz Hawkins In a freak soundclash, BB and Lady Lux switch bodies. Now looking like BB, Lady Lux tries to steal Freez and Mo’s instruments to help Vox harness the 13th note. Meanwhile BB, who looks like Lady Lux, desperately tries to convince Freez and Mo that they’re in jeopardy. Of course they don’t believe anything “Lady Lux” tells them, so BB enlists the aid of her old bandmates CC and DD to perform with her in order to foil the real Lady Lux’s plan.

Episode 5

Grand Theft Audio

Mo becomes a phenom at Gloveball, and his skyrocketing success as a sports star threatens the future of Freefonix. When Mo tells his friends he’s made the Gloveball championships and won’t be able to perform with them at a worldwide, viddy-cast Freewave concert, BB and Freez suspect ComaCo is somehow involved. Sure enough, they learn that Mya has reprogrammed the Gloveball robot opponents to let Mo win, in an effort to split up the band. Ultimately, Mo realizes the truth and shows up at the concert just in time to help BB and Freez defeat Mantis in a 13th note sound clash.

FREEFONIX is a half-hour, animated TV series featuring three mismatched heroes from different sides of the tracks. Thrown together by the mysterious SUGAR CHE, they form a band called FREEFONIX in order to safeguard the most powerful force in the universe – the 13th Note – as well as save their world from a dark future that will be brought on through the teaming up of an evil force which calls itself VOX with the most powerful person in all of Los Bosmos, MYA DE ZYA..


15 year old former lead singer of the machine pop perfect girl group “BCD,” now turned musical Joan of Arc.


16-year-old guitarist and backing singer/ rapper who has an outgoing and somewhat hippy view on life. His guitar is named Misty.

Mo (Mostart)

13-year-old DJ of the band, whose SoundShaper device can produce backing beats, melodies and rhythms. Mo lacks confidence in masculinity due to being the youngest and shortest member of the band, while also having a love interest with Lady Lux.