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Episode 1

Whale Shark

Kamil has taken Kayne to remote Ningaloo Reef on the WA coastline to search for the mysterious Whale Shark… So Kayne can challenge it to a race!!! Packed with action, tension and a cast of marine life to send you starboard, Kayne and Kamil race against the clock to find their hero to complete the mission. But is it too late? From local custodian John Dale to our special Bushwhacked Marine Scientist, Ben Fitzgerald, word is Kayne and Kamil may be too late, as the Whale Sharks season comes to an end. From spotter planes to dinghys, sky-high microlights to scientific marine vessels, the boys will do everything it takes to complete this mission.

Episode 2

Sea Eagle

Kamil challenges Kayne to fly with a white breasted sea eagle, but with conditions too dangerous to fly, the boys seek out some expert guidance as they visit the sea eagle supermarket packed with 30,000 tasty little flying foxes. They learn the ancient ways of the Gubbi Gubbi sea eagle dance and Kayne gets some serious air at the wakeboarding park in preparation for the mission ahead! When it’s go time, Kayne takes to the skies in search of the sea eagle in an adrenalin charged episode of Bushwhacked!

Episode 3


Kamil challenges Kayne to take a ‘selfie’ with the largest monitor in Australia, the perentie! Join the boys as they roar through the desert on Harleys before reaching the kingdom in which he resides, Uluru. With the help of Anangu trackers, Kayne and Kamil discover how brutal the desert can be, a reptilian paradise of blue tongue lizards, stimson pythons and sand goanas. And Kayne soon discovers that kangaroo tail tastes a whole lot better than flies! Make sure you don’t miss this iconic episode of Bushwhacked.

Episode 4


Kamil pushes Kayne’s body, nerves and courage to the absolute limit in this adrenalin charged episode of Bushwhacked! Multiple missions challenge Kayne to ride a bucking rodeo bull like a pro, and take a road trip to the Gresford Rodeo to become a protection athlete AKA Rodeo Clown! Can Kayne complete his mission safely? Not without a little pain and a lot of determination, don’t miss it!

Episode 5


Kamil has managed to devise one of the weirdest missions for Kayne yet, and the only way for him to succeed, is by taking Bushwhacked more remote than ever before! In this episode, Kayne and Kamil set off for the mighty Fitzroy River in Western Australia, where Kayne has to locate and hug a sawfish! in specially equipped, Bushwhacked 4WD campers they bounce through the landscape and pass through ancient aboriginal country with the help of their guide. Rocky rides, buzzing wildlife and a mission that can only be completed in the deep of the night, where darkness is king and nerves are high lead us to an encounter with a legendary sea creature, amidst waters alive with bull sharks and crocodiles. Kayne and Kamil are going to need all the help they can get…

Bushwhacked! Is proud to introduce the spectacular talent of Kamil Ellis, from the Wiradjuri nation to join forces with Bushwhacked! veteran Kayne Tremills as we take an explosive journey across Australia in a way like never before!

Bushwhacked! Series 2 will take Kayne and Kamil around Australia for the most remote, dangerous and ridiculous missions yet! Join Kayne and Kamil as they meet some of Australia’s most unique indigenous groups on their quest to discover Australia’s most intriguing wildlife. And to get there, they’ll use every gadget and mode of transport imaginable!

Each Bushwhacked! mission has a spin, and takes the viewer on a tense, gripping journey with often hilarious consequences as Bushwhacked! series 2 inspires a greater awareness of our unique indigenous culture and their relationship with the land in this fun, informative take on the factual-adventure genre.

Kayne Tremills

Kayne Tremills is a fresh, unique and energetic television presenter who is making his mark on Australian television. His genuine presence and well-assured presenting style landed him his first role as the main host for ABC3, Australia’s top-rating youth channel. Kayne has appeared in guest spots across the channel on highly-rated shows such as ‘Prank Patrol’, ‘Good Game SP’ and now, an international co-production ‘Splatalot’, filmed in Toronto, Canada. In 2013, Kayne signed up to host two more ABC3 Shows. “My Great Big Adventure” premiered in January and tackles some of the most pressing issues kids face today, such as bullying, family conflict and everyday stress and the first season of Bushwhacked!Kayne’s own growth denotes a passion for human development. As a participant in the Reach Foundation from an early age, Kayne discovered a knack for connecting with young people by drawing on his own personal experience. He has gone on to facilitate and motivate over 50,000 young people across Australia from primary and secondary school students, to corporate facilitation for major corporations such as Price Waterhouse Coopers and NAB.

Kamil Ellis

Kamil Ellis is a 14-year-old Wiradjuri boy. He has been performing traditional song and dance since he was two years of age and also plays the didgeridoo.He has studied tap, jazz, ballet and contemporary dance but his passion is traditional dance fused with hip hop. In 2010 Kamil made his acting debut in the ABC mini series MyPlace. In 2011 he appeared in a documentary about domestic violence and also a short film.In 2013, he performed with the Ganang Spirit Dancers as a lead dancer and singer in traditional language. Recently, he was able to experience his passions as an actor and dancer when he landed a guest spot on ABC’s Dance Academy. Kamil recently appeared in the Sydney Theatre Company production The Secret River