Episode 1


When Angelo’s parents want to sell all of his favorite old toys at a rummage sale, Angelo schemes how to save his stuff from being sold.

Episode 2

Cat Box

Angelo’s chore is to clean Joe Mama’s litter box all week, but of course he wants to find a way to get out of it! He comes up with several schemes in order to turn Joe Mama into a clean independent cat.

Episode 3

Yakking Up

Angelo and Sherwood come up with several strategies to stay super late and watch the Yak Wrestling Championships live on TV.

Episode 4

The Greatest Free Sample Ever

In an elaborate heist-like plan Angelo and friends work to get their hands on one of the legendary free cupcake samples Cathy gives out at her Snack Shack.

Episode 5

Go Mental Fest

When tickets to their favorite rock band Slobber is sold out, Angelo creates an alternative (fake) event to siphon away all the fans. He creates such a hype that Slobber ends up playing Angelo’s event.

Angelo Rules is an animated comedy about an 11-year old boy with a genius for troublemaking. Angelo literally gives the audience the low-down on how to get what they want, do what they want, become what they want. But since Angelo’s only 11 and he’s a real kid, the main weapons in his arsenal are his clever plans, irreverent attitude, charmingly rebellious nature, boldness, optimistic stubbornness, and charisma. Those traits, along with his two best friends, smarty-pants Sherwood and omni-tasker Lola are usually a winning combo.


An 11-year old middle child and an expert - not at breaking the rules outright - but at finding the breach in those rules.

He thinks he knows what makes people tick and uses this knowledge for his missions. A chief strategist who is supremely confident to the point of being at fault, Angelo's never phased by any situation he is confronted with.


The confident, exuberant "girl next door" who is as passionate about savoring cupcakes as she is about winning at videogames.


Angelo's best friend, often bringing him back to reality, questining his plans. He has an encyclopedic brain and he's the one with the technical know-how to get things done.

Mr. Foot

A teacher and Angelo's number one nemesis. Mr. Foot is naturally suspicious towards all kids, especially Angelo.


The bully in Angelo's class; his fists are fast than his brain. Once you've won him over he can be a loyal ally. But hurry up.


5 years old and he bounces around the house like a chimpanzee pretending to be anything from a grunting caveman to the latest superhero.


The bully in Angelo's class; his fists are fast than his brain. Once you've won him over he can be a loyal ally. But hurry up.